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Estimating Orthodontic Treatment Cost

Several factors affect orthodontic treatment cost at our Irving, TX, dental office. Because each treatment is unique to the individual, costs will vary. Drs. Joshua or John Lee will perform a thorough evaluation of your smile and the alignment of your bite to determine which orthodontic treatment you need, and then will thoroughly discuss the cost of treatment with you so there are no surprise costs. At Kids & Grownups Dental, we offer financing options for orthodontics, including CareCredit®, Lending Club® and SimplePay™, to fit your budget while improving your smile.

The cost of orthodontic treatment should be viewed as an investment into your overall oral and physical health.

Factors that Contribute to Orthodontic Treatment Cost

In general, cost will vary greatly depending on whether a patient only needs their teeth realigned, or if they need bone and facial structure repositioning. The most significant factors that will determine the cost of orthodontic treatment includes:

  • Degree of Misalignment: The severity of your dental misalignment and the state of your oral health will contribute to the overall cost of treatment. During your initial evaluation, Dr. Lee will perform x-rays and a thorough exam to determine if there are any cavities and gum disease that first need to be addressed. In some cases, tooth extractions may be necessary to make room for realignment.
  • Type of Braces: At Kids & Grownups Dental, we are proud to offer a variety of orthodontic treatment options to meet our patients’ unique needs. In addition to traditional metal braces, we also provide Fastbraces® and MTM® Clear Aligners. The cost of each will vary based on the duration of treatment.
  • Duration of Treatment: The extent of correction needed will affect the duration of your treatment. More severe dental misalignment and bone and facial repositioning need additional treatment that requires more follow-up visits, which will add to the overall cost.
 Mild dental misalignment can typically be addressed with Fastbraces or MTM Clear Aligner in as little as three to six months.
  • Qualifications of the Doctor: Although choosing an orthodontist with a higher level of experience and expertise may cost more than someone new to the field, it will ensure you receive a higher level of care with better results. An inexperienced orthodontist can cause unnecessary pain and permanent tooth damage, leading to lengthier and more costly treatment. As an extremely qualified orthodontists, Drs. Joshua and John Lee will ensure you receive successful results in a cost-efficient fashion.
A young woman smiling and wearing braces
The cost of orthodontic treatment varies from patient to patient, and will almost certainly be a sound investment in terms of oral health and quality of life.

Benefits of Orthodontic Treatment

The cost of orthodontic treatment should be viewed as an investment into your overall oral and physical health. With a straighter smile, you will be able to enjoy:

  • Improved appearance
  • Better oral health and dental function
  • Boost in self-confidence and quality of life
  • Reduced risk of TMJ disorder
  • Reduced risk of additional oral health concerns developing

Affordable Financing and Insurance

At Kids & Grownups Dental, we never want cost to be a deterrent to receiving the care you need. Our warm and friendly front office staff will work with your insurance company to ensure you receive the most coverage. In addition to CareCredit, Lending Club, and SimplePay financing services, we also accept all major credit cards to help fit orthodontic cost within your budget and make your care as affordable as possible.

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Orthodontic treatment is a wise investment in the long run. To learn more about the orthodontic treatments available and the costs involved, contact our practice today to schedule your consultation with Dr. Lee.

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